The community of actors in the Alsace aeronautics sector


AERO’ALSACE deploys its actions on 3 main objectives :

To promote the AERO ALSACE sector

Prior to the establishment of the inventory and the mapping of skills carried out in 2011 by the association, the existence of a network of Alsace companies in contact with the AERO sector was totally unheard of. It is therefore important to :

  • Reveal and promote at regional and national level the weight and the know-how of the sector.
  • Organize the presence of businesses in the professional aeronautic fairs.

Federate the companies to develop business

The Alsace companies do not know one other, which reduces possibilities of collaboration to develop business, win a contract ... The modest size of many of the companies surveyed does not enable them to access the challenges of the future.

  • Develop a "Community" spirit which facilitates exchanges and business between the members
  • Meet transversal needs and one-off requests
  • Organise the arrival of technical stakeholders or clients

Facilitate the creation and development of businesses

Some key activities are still lacking in order to structure the sector and facilitate subcontracting. Companies within the sector wish to develop new activities and to be accompanied in their projects. Alsace also has infrastructures (aeronautical industrial zones near airports, an airport specialising in business aviation) which are able to accommodate new clients.
The organisations in charge of coordinating AERO ALSACE are specialists in the creation and development of businesses.

  • Advise and assist companies in their projects
  • Encourage the establishment of new activities
  • Obtain assistance